SOLFIE, Solar cargo bike cover

Is there life for the e-cargo bike after

the kids have grown out of it?

Especially then is the perfect time to turn your cargo bike into a real replacement for the car for daily traffic in and around the city.

Put the SOLFIE cover on it!

The lockable SOLFIE cover with integrated solar panels generates the required energy for your e-cargo bike. Ideal emission-free means of transport for private individuals and small businesses.

My ambition was to become a counterpart to the ‘far-from-beautiful’ solar panel constructions that various technicians had already built or cycle on before I started this project. To my opinion it had to be possible to achieve aesthetics with a (cargo) bicycle with solar panels.

In this phase there is Prototype III. The test results are extremely promising. Solfie, originally made out of polyester, is refined (and lighter in weight) and now made out of epoxy. In this way, the measurement results have become more favourable.

During the modelling process I took great care in finding an aerodynamic shape, sharp lines and nice curves to make Solfie look very attractive.

The next step is a transition to more sustainable materials. The investigation into this is ongoing. Work has also been done on other technical specifications (another, more efficient way of transferring energy to the battery and motor) and wider applicability (such as a more universal shape with more flexible options for application to other shapes and sizes of cargo bikes).

The idea has been described in the BOIP under number 118773 to secure the Intellectual Property.

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